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DX530L-6 Loader

  • Min. Order:1 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:7 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, T/T, Other
  • Port:qingdao
Yantai Pengcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shandong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Excavator Loader Grader Roller
Model No.: DX530L-6 Place of Origin: China

Detailed description of goods


High reliability


DOOXIN patented detachable seal ring is dustproof and waterproof, easy to maintain and durable


Cold pressed steel pipe joints are adopted, and joint flanges adopt IOS6162 O ring and groove, reducing dripping by 80%


The electrical wiring harness adopts AVSS thin leather wire, waterproof connector, prolonging the service life and increasing the reliability by 100%



High load bearing


L-series fork structure front and rear frame, good stability, high structural strength;


The optimized design of H-type bucket prevents the bucket from cracking, improves the life by 50% and the bearing capacity by 20%



High security


The interior is made of flame retardant material, EU standard glass, and safer in design


Color block reminder is added to the instrument panel. Fuel electronic oil level gauge facilitates the driver to know the working condition of the whole machine in time


Optional ROPS/FOPS cab to effectively protect the driver


After the addition of working light, night lighting no blind area



High comfort


The cab with large visual field ignores the blind area at night;Green glass, anti - UV, reduce the driver's visual fatigue


Increased armrest, seat material improvement, more human, improve the driver's comfort


Ergonomic design, adjustable direction machine, pilot control, make the operation more convenient, more labor-saving



High efficiency


DOOXIN patented technology, heavy load unloading, energy saving and efficient


Flexible: double pump confluence greatly reduces working time and improves working efficiency



High functional


A variety of working devices, suitable for a variety of working conditions, one machine multi - energy, high functional

  Yantai Pengcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.、Yantai Pengcheng Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd.、Yantai Pengcheng axle Co. Ltd.,Belong toPengcheng groupGroup company, is the main manufacturer for bucket mountain engineering supporting, enterprise fixed assets of 200000000 yuan, 10000000 yuan in profits and taxes. Plant employees 600 people, including senior engineer 26 people, college degree or above level 32. Strong technical force, equipment, processing means complete; in 2000 passed the international quality system certification. In 2005, a joint venture with South Korean businessmen established the Yantai Pengcheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., another expansion in 2008 80 acres of new plant, the purchase of advanced CNC machining equipment, set up toProduction of 5T loader axle、Loader transmission、Excavator hammerBased Yantai Pengcheng axle Co. ltd.. The enterprise stronger, become Yantai area machinery industry star enterprise.

  Foreign companies also take all the large metal structure and chemical tanks, 10 tons to 210 tonsLadle、Ladle、FlueLarge Maohan of fabrication and installation. Have the most advanced CO2 protection welding, argon arc welding machine more than 80 Taiwan 6 Taiwan and other electric welding equipment, provide quality products for Baosteel, Shougang has, bearing steel, Baotou Steel, Yantai, Matt, Manuel limited company many 30 key enterprises. In addition, the company has large and medium-sized cars, milling, planing, boring equipment more than 40 Taiwan, undertake external processing business.

  Our company is located in Muping District of Yantai City, the beautiful the Yellow Sea lake, the four seasons here, a pleasant climate, geographical condition is superior, the traffic is developed, 30 kilometers away from Yantai port, 20 kilometers away from Yantai airport, my company is willing to join hands with the people from all walks of life, sincere cooperation, common development.


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